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Limb and stone reduction
The mystery of fire and ice
Green tether, black ground
Fall and rise
Beaten black and blue
The sacredness of fire
Ephemeral skeletal
Recovery’s western light
Blue remains
Fall and rise of seasons
Bad buffalo in good light
Days chapter end
Flinders trinity
Blessed grey day (SOLD)
Crisp emptiness
Quiet pool (SOLD)
Passage through.
Subtle light of being
Good of the seventh (SOLD)
Like a lens darkly (SOLD)
Light at rest on tree and stone
Turning....seeing behind.
New season rivulet (SOLD)
Warm Winter glow
Silent transition
Mist over hopes promise
Ebb and flow (SOLD)
Glory be, water tree (SOLD)
When season and tree agree
A cleft in time, silence (SOLD)
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